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An excerpt of our customers

Multinational corporations are among our customers as well as medium-sized companies and start-ups. We implement IT architectures for the automotive industry, develop digital strategies and software solutions for financial service providers as well as for scientific publishers and outdoor activity companies.


An excerpt of our projects

IT Strategy

Digacon developed a 100-day IT strategy paper for the CIO of a Swiss car importer. The first part of the 100-day strategy paper comprised an analysis of the Swiss market, the competitive situation and the vehicle structure, with the aim of providing the CIO with an overview of the current market situation. The second part of the analysis focused on the customer. It included a customer analysis, megatrends in automotive retail and a resulting customer-centric marketing approach.

Business Model Evaluation

Digacon evaluated the profitability of innovative business models within the scope of a Design Thinking Workshop for a German publisher. Firstly, the participants identified innovative business models using the Design Thinking method. Buyer Personas, their pain points and possible solutions were identified. As a result, business ideas were described with the business model canvas. Lastly, the potential of the business models and their strategic impact were evaluated.

Digital Strategy Concept

Digacon developed a companywide digital strategy of a Swiss multinational company in cooperation with their CIO. The specific examination of the digitization’s consequences – starting with the inherent business model, was a crucial aspect in the creation of the strategy. The already running digital initiatives of the company’s respective divisions were chosen as the gateway for the development of the digital strategy. Even though the company’s digitization already benefited from the individual digital initiatives, it was necessary to establish a superior construct to centrally steer the initiatives in the future. For this purpose, all the important stakeholders of the respective divisions were closely incorporated in the development process. In order for the company to measure the accompanying added values, Digacon developed KPI’s for the individual divisions. The next step is to create a concrete roadmap for the divisions.

Sales Strategy

Digacon developed a Sales Strategy for digital services for a large Southern German car manufacturer. We analyzed market and customer potential for data-driven services. This included the identification and listing of potential customer groups and customers as well as their usage intentions, volumes, requirements, actual purchase intentions and price expectations.

Customer Experience Center

Digacon developed the strategy for setting up a Customer Experience Center for a Swiss car importer. Customer needs have changed as a result of digitization. Customers expect 360-degree support in real time. This results in new dimensions for Customer Experience and Operations, which Digacon implements with a Customer Experience Center as the core and enabler for Service Excellence.

Digital Customer Touchpoint Concept

Digacon developed a digital customer touchpoint concept and cross-departmental implementation of processes for a large Swiss financial services provider. As part of the holistic consideration of a customer journey from the perspective of a Swiss financial service provider, the implementation of the identified touchpoints were described in detail in an End-of-term customer concept. The IT-specific requirements were evaluated in terms of complexity and effort. In this context, the assessment of feasibility, complexity and effort of the individual requirements, the identification of dependencies and the identification of possible solutions were considered.

IT Service Management

Digacon developed the IT architecture and initialized the implementation for the transformation of a large German IT company into an IT service provider with its own digital ecosystem. The first step was to develop a future model based on both the new strategic orientation of the company and the optimization potential of the current organization. Action fields were identified and finalized, for example the definition of the offered services as well as cooperation models. In addition, action items for a successful transformation to the future model were defined and finally merged into a Strategy Map.

Online Car Sales Platform

Today, customers mainly inform themselves online about buying a car. Only very late in the customer journey, the customers inform themselves on site at the dealer. In order to take this customer behavior into account and to be able to market the offered vehicles better, Digacon introduced an online platform for car sales in Switzerland. On the platform, the customer can obtain information, advice and purchase a car online. With this project, Digacon helped to achieve an important milestone with regard to the multi-channel strategy of a Swiss car importer.

SAP S/4 HANA Roll-out

Digacon significantly supported the project management in all project phases from the conception to the roll-out of a global SAP S/4 HANA template of a swiss multinational company. The main feature of the applied project approach follows the SAP Activate Methodology – however, the methodology is tailored to the specific client needs and requirements, in order to ensure the success of such a large project. Due to the extensive experience in managing template projects, Digacon substantially contributes to the project success, by designing a global template and implementing SAP S/4 HANA in the various locations.

Lead Management

Digacon established a call center for the proactive pre-qualification of End-of-Term leads for a large Swiss financial services provider. In order to achieve the goal of increasing customer loyalty and thus increasing penetration, an external outbound call center was set up. This call center proactively addresses those customers for whom the leasing contract is about to end. Thus, dealers receive pre-qualified leads and save time and effort, allowing them to concentrate more on the sales process.

App for Workshop Appointments

Digacon developed an app for workshop appointments for a Swiss car importer. The first version offers the entire booking process for a service appointment. The app will be continuously extended with more use cases and equipped with up-to-date functions. Digacon guides its client along the whole value chain. Firstly, a detailed benchmark analysis resulted in uses cases. Afterwards, the app has been developed following a comprehensive concept. Lastly, a market entry strategy has been worked out. Based on short ways of communication and extensive know-how the app could be brought to the market within four months. Subsequently, more use cases will be developed which will cope with the increasing customer expectations. Digacon meets the needs of today’s clients and helps to simplify the contact with end customers in the automotive sector.

B2B After Sales Parts Shop

Digacon implemented eParts, a B2B After Sales Parts Shop for a Swiss car importer. The parts shop includes parts of the entire Volkswagen group. The first step was a detailed specification containing a process specification, user interface & design and role-based access rights. This was followed by the development and implementation of the new e-shop platform based on SAP Hybris. The new shop offers a user-friendly interface, numerous analytics functions, increased performance and a sustainable modular structure.

Financial Service Portal

Digacon implemented a leasing portal (Financial Service Portal) with SAP Commerce for a Swiss market leader in the automotive industry. The aim of the leasing portal is to offer customers a portal that covers all business activities and needs in the area of financing. Functionalities are to be developed along the leasing customer journey, with which the Swiss financial service provider can offer its customers financial services online and address them directly. In the future, vehicles will also be sold via the platform.

App for Private Parking Spaces Rental

Digacon developed an app for the rental of private parking spaces for a Swiss car importer. The app contains functions to easily find and offer private parking spaces.

App for the Digital Shopping Cart

Digacon developed an app for the digital shopping cart for a large German food retailer. The app allows the user to directly scan products in the shopping cart. This way, there is no need to unpack the cart at the cash desk as payment is possible directly via the app. Additionally, the user can create a grocery list in the app, submit it to the shopping cart and let the cart navigate in the grocery shop to find the products. To have a native looking design in both operating systems, Android and iOS, Digacon has developed the app in React Native.

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